Optimum has provide significant benefit to our company by coming in to replace our full time network engineer and reworking the network so it preforms better than before…Our costs are now greatly reduced since we don’t have provide a full time salary and benefits back for our past employee… We benefit from economy of scale.Mitchell SprinskyAllos Therapeutics

Buckle up! Microsoft is coming back strong!

It is all about compromise Does the phrase: “strong relationships start with good communication and compromise” ring a bell? Well, the same saying applies to business to consumer relationships! It is standard practice for companies nowadays to collect feedback from customers (through focus groups, surveys and others) before designing new products or launching new campaigns. […]

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We offer a comprehensive managed service plan (MSP) called ON-Care. Whether you choose On-Care Premium, On-Care Pro, or On-Care Project Services, ON-Care reduces your overall IT costs by providing on-going technical support and a return on investment based on the following six criteria: Performance, Reliability, Redundancy, Flexibility, Scalability and Security...

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