We were impressed when we attended the ShoreTel Demonstration at Optimum Networking last year. The Shoretel Communicator has streamlined our call handling process and allows users to easily migrate their phone and voicemail to and from different workstations between our two branches. The Shoretel Director makes call control, hunt groups, and setting up new users a snap! We also appreciate the coaching/whisper function for monitoring calls for training and quality control purposes. Brad

2016 the year of ransomware?

Ready for 2016: the year of ransomware? It sounds easy: never negotiate with terrorists or other criminals. It’s not so simple, however, as the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center found out after its communications systems were held hostage by ransomware in February. It fought back for 10 days, but after staff at the 434-bed hospital were […]

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We offer a comprehensive managed service plan (MSP) called ON-Care. Whether you choose On-Care Premium, On-Care Pro, or On-Care Project Services, ON-Care reduces your overall IT costs by providing on-going technical support and a return on investment based on the following six criteria: Performance, Reliability, Redundancy, Flexibility, Scalability and Security...

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