Just wanted to mention I think Guy is outstanding. As you may recall I am running Fusion on a MacBook Pro and he has kept me out of trouble. Great work, good guy, I trust his judgment. Keep up the good work.

 I hear you have had a couple difficult personalities on our end to deal with. As you may know CEO’s can be a pain from time to time. Some say I have the toughest job ever running a whole firm of them. If anyone gets too far out of line, let us know and thanks for your patience. 

Doug PayneNewport Board Group

Happy Veterans Day to Optimum’s Veterans!

Years after the end of their enlistment, they remain men of honor who display  great work ethic and great respect for their peers. We are very proud to count outstanding men of the US Armed Forces amongst Optimum’s formation. We are thankful for Shawn Burch’s service in the US Army, for Tracy Huntzinger service in […]

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