Who Is the Best IT Company in Denver, Colorado?

Consider: You want to work with the best IT company in town – how do you choose? 

I am Jonathan Defez, Business Development Manager at Optimum Networking, Inc.  

In my role at Optimum, I want companies to have complete confidence in choosing the best company to provide their IT support today and long into the future. In our industry, I believe it is critically important that you choose an IT Support provider that fits your IT needs, your budget, your culture, and who you can develop a long-term trusted partnership with.

The truth is, selecting an IT Support provider is one of the most important business decisions you will make.

As I network throughout Colorado and speak with prospective clients, these are questions I ask folks to consider:


How important are Cybersecurity and Backups to your company?

The security of your data and back-ups is a critical factor in the decision-making process.  Look for IT Support companies that have a comprehensive, layered Security as a Service (SaaS) offering. This will include a dedicated team of skilled IT engineers who focus on keeping your company and your data safe and available to you. You should have confidence that you can sleep at night because your IT company has you covered.

The IT company you partner will take the necessary actions to ensure their own cybersecurity as well.


What are your IT needs today?  What is your IT strategy looking 3-5 years out?

Different IT needs require different approaches. Start with assessing how much IT support your employees need and how quickly they need it.  The IT company you choose should offer multiple levels of care that is scalable to meet your growing/changing business needs.

At Optimum Networking, we provide a “Managed Services” support model that includes:

  • Remote Support Desk assistance for immediate day-to-day employee needs (Monday – Friday)
  • After Hours On-Call
  • IT equipment purchase, build and deployment to local specifications
  • Technical/IT related project design,
  • Server management (back-ups, patching, security monitoring)
  • Security training
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Onsite support as needed
  • VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) strategy support
  • Redundancy & Disaster Recovery


What is your annual IT budget?

Consider your overall budget and “best practices” in your industry for allocating dollars to support your overall IT needs proactively and day-to-day.

  • Equipment replacement schedule
  • Licensing
  • Office growth/moves
  • Employees working in office & remote


Do you need an onsite engineer, or is a Support Desk staffed with IT professionals sufficient?

This may sound like a technical question at first, but it truly comes down to your culture and budget.  With the advancements in remote and proactive monitoring, your IT company should be able support you in the most cost-effective way and be ready at a moment’s notice to change gears and make an onsite visit when needed.

A related question is whether you may need after hours support considering the nature of your business. Most companies can work with afterhours support “as needed” but other companies require dedicated engineers 24/7.


Should I hire a full time IT engineer?

It is important to ask this question when companies are growing quickly, especially if the growth plans include reaching 50-200 employees. It is often helpful to have someone in-house that is dedicated to IT, understands the technology vision, and is onsite and available when needed. Another option would be hiring a team of IT engineers like the ones from Optimum Networking. This gives a much broader spectrum of expertise without the financial burden of a full-time employee. The contract can flex up or down depending on growth and provide a team of Support Desk engineers for both local and remote employees.  Companies also benefit from IT experts who have worked on the business side of IT for decades. Keep in mind that one IT engineer–no matter how sharp they are—will know as much as a full IT Team.

Sometimes companies opt for the best of both worlds, hiring an internal IT Manager AND an IT team like Optimum Networking.  The IT Manager and Optimum Networking Engineers work as a team to help reach the company’s IT goals. In these cases, Optimum Networking customizes plans for our clients, working closely with the in-house IT Manager.


Does my IT company fit my values?

Companies invest a tremendous amount of energy in their culture, and it is critical that they work with organizations that have done the same. For this reason, it is best to work with companies that share core values. Optimum Networking’s mission is “Helping People Succeed with Technology”, and we achieve this through the core values of:

Integrity. – Trust. – Optimism – Gratitude – Commitment – Service


So, what is the answer?

It is important to be confident in this critical decision. After doing the research, decide which option best meets the company’s needs, budget, and culture.  Optimum Networking is an ideal fit for clients who:

  • Want partnership with their IT provider
  • Understand the critical nature of Cybersecurity and Backup Systems
  • Values a proactive, team approach
  • Has a budget for a flat, all-inclusive plan

Companies that share these values will consider Optimum Networking as one of the best IT companies in Denver Colorado.