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7 Technology Mistakes Law Firms Make

In the legal world, we live on deadlines. In our rush to accomplish those goals for our clients, we sometimes take shortcuts. Here are a few shortcuts, especially in technology, that can cost you in the long run and ultimately hurt your practice. Poor Software Licensing Practices Software licensing usually comes in two ways – […]

Don’t Just Keep Up with IT. Lead the Pack!

Maintaining your company’s IT environment may feel like running some twisted obstacle course. You are constantly dodging security threats, running towards the next solution, and jumping across the gaps in your IT department. While performance-enhancing supplements are forbidden in organized sports, your IT department’s performance will take all the help it can get. Businesses that […]

Fighting Cybercrime in the Oil and Gas Business

If you’re in the oil and gas business in the state of Colorado, you’re no stranger to controversy. Denver’s Westword News calls Colorado “ground zero in America’s energy wars.” And while picket-wielding fractivists circulating petitions garner the media spotlight frequently, their direct effect on the day-to-day operations of oil and gas companies has been, so […]

Adapting to Fluctuations in the Oil and Gas Business

If there’s one industry where scalability is a top priority, it’s oil and gas. Boom and bust cycles can create chaos, particularly in the IT department where rigid infrastructures can be both risky and expensive to reconfigure. A recent Network Computing article quotes a Gartner study [RK1] that predicts that 50 percent of unplanned IT outages […]