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7 Technology Mistakes Law Firms Make

In the legal world, we live on deadlines. In our rush to accomplish those goals for our clients, we sometimes take shortcuts. Here are a few shortcuts, especially in technology, that can cost you in the long run and ultimately hurt your practice. Poor Software Licensing Practices Software licensing usually comes in two ways – […]

Backup Recovery Is Not Disaster Recovery

Most businesses use the terms “backup” and “disaster recovery” synonymously, but they are two very different disciplines in IT. Disaster recovery is the art of preparing for a catastrophe. The question is: how quickly do you need your business to be back up and running if your IT/phone systems are terminated? Backups aim to save […]

SharePoint Is an Old, Tried-and-True Business Platform

In the context of human history, SharePoint is a new species. However, the IT world would consider the platform a great white shark – one of the oldest surviving species on the planet Earth. Microsoft has been developing SharePoint as one of its premier platforms for years, since the 90’s to be exact. The Internet […]

For a Premium Help Desk, There Is No Response Time

Most help desks have a milquetoast first response to your IT issues. “Have you logged out and logged in?” “Yes…” “Have you rebooted” “Yes…” “Have you turned the computer off and on?” “Yes…” “OK, it sounds like this is a problem. I will elevate your call to a real engineer who can resolve the issue.” […]

Financial Services Firms Can Increase Customer Loyalty with IT

Financial services firms were initially hesitant to dip their toes into the cold waters of IT hardware and software. But the tide has shifted. We are not the only ones to notice. The Financial Times recently published an insightful piece about an emerging trend in financial services firms regarding some of the exciting technology-driven innovations, […]

Why Microsoft Products Sell

When Microsoft released its quarterly earnings report last month, we were not surprised to see its increased sales to corporations in the form of business software and cloud offerings. Stiff competition from Apple and Google on the consumer side has not thwarted the company’s growth of its primary segment, which is you – businesses who […]