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Join Us! For our bimonthly Educational Series Workshop-Cyber Security

Each workshop focuses on technology that impacts your business the most.  Through this online workshop, you will get a chance to interact with other business owners and executives, and have direct access to our top engineers.  AND we will buy a “virtual” lunch through GRUB HUB!   Cyber Security ARE YOU SECURE? Are Your Emplyoees Secure? Are Your Customers Secure? Is your Data Secure? HOW SECURE IS YOUR IT PROVIDER? Having answers to these questions is imperative for today’s business […]

PCs for People Partnership

You’ve heard about a “win-win” right? Well, how about a win-win-win-win-win? Optimum Networking’s partnership with PCs for People is just that.  Let me explain… Win #1: Optimum’s Service As a Managed Service Provider for over 160 clients, our customers have IT equipment they no longer need or can use.  This includes old desktops, monitors, laptops–even servers, switches and battery backups. As we do with all areas of IT, we solve these problems by providing our clients with a safe and […]

Grateful Thankful

During this holiday, at a time when things we once took for granted are now often inaccessible, it is an even more crucial time to express thanks. Thanksgiving is a wonderful thing to do, and “thanks-getting” is a wonderful thing to receive. Here at Optimum Networking, our engineers and staff are focused on our clients’ success. Busy professionals who are stressed out about their computer issues call us for a quick resolution so they can get their jobs done.  This […]

What Backup, Disaster Recovery (D/R) or Business Continuity System is Best for your Company?

One of the most crucial things Optimum Networking does for our clients is ensuring their systems and data are securely backed-up. If an IT professional or Managed Service Company is not doing this, they are not doing their job.  Business owners and people in charge of IT for their companies cannot, and frankly should not sleep well at night unless they have a reliable, secure and monitored backup process in place.  There are too many things that can impact your […]

Spooky Scary IT Blog

What is the scariest thing companies face when it comes to Information Technology? You may think it is cyber criminals. They are scary, with their dark web tools and platforms, constantly trying to break through our firewalls, antivirus, and malware protections. But we are not scared of these bad guys, as we know who they are, and how we can fight them. (More on this in our Cybersecurity Workshop and future blogs). You may think it is the dreaded “Blue […]