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Get your History

Ever forget what you used your cut (Ctr. V) copy (Ctr. C) for? Now you can get a history. Press Windows Key and “V” simultaneously. This will give you a history of your clipboard, and show you everything you’ve recently placed on your clipboard. Check it out!

Expand Your Desktop

Windows 10 allows users to expand their desktop by using additional desktops. Click on the icon to the right of the search bar, what looks like stacked boxes. This is the Task View. At the top of the Task View screen, select New Desktop. Once there are multiple desktops, they can be cycled through by […]

Owner Interview

Joe Turnbough: What helped you decide to found/become an owner of Optimum Networking? I decided to found Optimum Networking because I always wanted to become an entrepreneur. When I was a Marine, I used to build PCs and sell them on base to various other Marines. I really enjoyed doing this and I kind of […]

Service Tag

If a user needs the service tag (serial number) of a device, yes they can flip over the device and read the sticker. But what if the sticker is faded or missing? Or what if the device is buried on a desk? Or what if the technician is just not crazy about flipping over a […]

Hostname Directory

Often when working with users, the need may arise to have the name of the computer (hostname). Users may not know where to find the name of the computer easily. This is a simple function to paste the hostname on the taskbar, which can also be used as a directory to store commonly used files […]

Battery Report

When troubleshooting a battery or charging issue on a laptop, it can be helpful to have a report on the health of the battery itself. This can help determine if the failing component is the battery or the power brick. Open Command Prompt (does not need to be admin) WinKey + R >> type “cmd” […]

Optimum Networking is Smiling Back at YOU!

Technical support is at the core of what we do at Optimum Networking.  We utilize the latest technologies, the best tools and best of breed hardware and hosted platforms. When it comes right down to it, technical support is not only about technology.  It is about people supporting people. As a business owner, you want […]

PCs for People Partnership

You’ve heard about a “win-win” right? Well, how about a win-win-win-win-win? Optimum Networking’s partnership with PCs for People is just that.  Let me explain… Win #1: Optimum’s Service As a Managed Service Provider for over 160 clients, our customers have IT equipment they no longer need or can use.  This includes old desktops, monitors, laptops–even […]