Join Us! For our bimonthly Educational Series Workshop–The Technology of Communication

Each workshop focuses on technology that impacts your business the most.  Through this online workshop, you will get a chance to interact with other business owners and executives, and have direct access to our top engineers.  AND we will buy a “virtual” lunch through GRUB HUB!


The Technology of Communication

Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history. And now, 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams has arrived,

setting a new bar for how enterprise telephone solutions integrate with Microsoft Teams

Join us if:

You’d like to learn more about integrating TEAMs and Voice Communication

You have an aging premise system that is (or soon will be) unsupportable

You are not familiar with how hosted VoIP systems can help drive your business

Thursday December 3rd at 12:30 Mountain Time

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Optimum Networking

Grateful Thankful

During this holiday, at a time when things we once took for granted are now often inaccessible, it is an even more crucial time to express thanks.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful thing to do, and “thanks-getting” is a wonderful thing to receive.

Here at Optimum Networking, our engineers and staff are focused on our clients’ success. Busy professionals who are stressed out about their computer issues call us for a quick resolution so they can get their jobs done.  This can be a thankless job some days, but other days, our engineers get amazing feedback.

For example, here are a few of the testimonials we have received:

“I contacted Optimum Networking when my previous provider was falling short both in project and ongoing support.  I’m the IT Manager of a growing company and my team and I needed reliable support.  Optimum Networking worked with us on a migration, SharePoint project and helped us integrate the technology of a company we acquired.  We then contracted them to support our network and servers and they are on call for when my team and me need additional advice or assistance.  They have been professional, well organized and efficient. It is a relief compared to previous vender experiences.  The biggest complement I can give Optimum is the degree of personal trust and integrity they put forth in every interaction.  Calling them with a problem is like calling a trusted friend who really cares about your issue.”

“As the office manager for a small but growing business, I’ve done my best to leverage our employee’s expertise and have called in some ‘one-off’ contractions, but in the end, our IT needs got too much.  We were having persistent networking issues that limited our productivity, and then we had major issue with our Microsoft 365.  Optimum Networking was able to quickly address the issue, clean up our network, and will provide the proactive support our company needs to function at peak performance.  The ownership was very grateful that I found Optimum Networking, and I am too.  Thanks Optimum!”

“To all of you (Regarding making an emergency stop after a power outage) –That was stellar customer support and I really, really appreciate it!”

“This is an overdue thank you note.  I want to personally thank you for the excellent customer service and account support you have provided to FDG Products. Your special attention began from the very inception of the services provided by Optimum when we had an “IT crisis” with a viral email. You responded immediately to give us the proper technical support.  My Administrator has informed me that you personally follow up on all issues that require special attention. We are pleased with the services provided by Optimum Networking and I can say that much of that customer satisfaction comes from the fact that we have the ideal Account Manager.”

“Optimum Networking has been the best information technology addition to our company since the advent of the personal computer!”

When our hardworking engineers hear feedback like this, it makes everything they do worthwhile.

Not only are our clients thankful for us, we are deeply grateful for our clients.  We know everyone has a choice of IT providers, and we will continue to earn your business and trust through hard work and dedication to our core values:

Gratitude      Integrity          Trust          Optimism           Commitment          Service Minded

I would like to personally thank all of our clients both for what you do to make our world a better place, and for continuing to trust Optimum Networking with your IT Support.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jonathan Defez
Business Development Manager
Optimum Networking

What Backup, Disaster Recovery (D/R) or Business Continuity System is Best for your Company?

One of the most crucial things Optimum Networking does for our clients is ensuring their systems and data are securely backed-up. If an IT professional or Managed Service Company is not doing this, they are not doing their job.  Business owners and people in charge of IT for their companies cannot, and frankly should not sleep well at night unless they have a reliable, secure and monitored backup process in place.  There are too many things that can impact your business and data, from user error to hardware failure, and the potential natural disasters.  Currently, the most dangerous threat is everyone’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks.  Backups play a critical role in cybersecurity and will be discussed more in a future article.

So, what is the ideal backup solution?  How would a non-technical professional know if their backups are where they need to be? And what should their expectations be when it comes to retention and recovery?

To answer these questions, we need to start by defining different levels of backups and expectations.  Optimum Networking works with our clients on each of these levels depending on their budget, need, and expectations.


Basic Backup

To ensure you have a basic backup, you need to cover these three bases:

  1. You are backed-up locally
  2. You are backed up in the cloud including disperse geographies
  3. The backup process is monitored and tested periodically

If you are not doing these three things, I have bad news for you.  You are not backed-up.  Optimum Networking’s basic backup plan ensures all these critical elements are managed on an ongoing basis, and we have dedicated engineers keeping an eye on the process. This includes but is not limited to all the files and data on your premise and cloud servers, data saved on workstation hard drives and emails on Exchange—cloud or local.

The advantage to basic backup is it is affordable and unlimited.  Optimum Networking’s plan offers an unlimited amount of storage in the cloud and covers all the bases. We also include a Microsoft 365 backup that covers your hosted Exchange (email) OneDrive, SharePoint and TEAMs environment.

The disadvantage is time to recover.  For small, corrupted, or lost files or emails, our Support Desk team can do a quick recovery.  If a more catastrophic event occurs, however, it could take anywhere from 1-5 business days to recover depending on the amount of data and type of systems.


Disaster Recovery (D/R)

Disaster Recovery plans take your backups to the next level.  These plans typically employ on premise devices from partners like Barracuda or Datto, and while they check off all the “basic” boxes, these devices allow us to recover your data much more quickly.  Recovering data from these systems takes anywhere from a few hours to a single business day. We are also able to better test these systems, and their reporting often meet higher compliancy standards than the basic backups.

These systems are more expensive to set up and maintain; however, if your IT systems are mission critical to your business process, or if you have stringent compliancy requirements, the short-term cost will mitigate a potential disastrous outcome.


Business Continuity

Business Continuity is the highest level of Disaster Recovery plan. These plans ensure redundancy of systems so that if anything goes down, your systems will continue to function either automatically or at the flip of a switch.  This often includes multiple sources of bandwidth and cloud systems, data centers and other providers.  These plans are designed in such a way that if anything catastrophic happened at your HQ office, your employees could simply go to a different location, home or to a coffee shop, anywhere in the world, and continue to work seamlessly.

These plans are best suited for companies who would be in a situation where they could lose thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars if their IT systems would break down. The investment in Business Continuity would have to be justified by this level of potential loss.



What is the best backup/Disaster Recovery plan for your company? As you can see, the answer is the same as the answer to many quandaries in life: It depends.

What is your budget? How much would your business suffer if you could not access your business-critical data for an hour or a day or several days? What regulations do your company fall under?

The Sales and Engineering team at Optimum Networking will help you answer these questions for your business and get the right system and plan in place.

Spooky Scary IT Blog

What is the scariest thing companies face when it comes to Information Technology?

You may think it is cyber criminals. They are scary, with their dark web tools and platforms, constantly trying to break through our firewalls, antivirus, and malware protections. But we are not scared of these bad guys, as we know who they are, and how we can fight them. (More on this in our Cybersecurity Workshop and future blogs).

You may think it is the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death”. This can be disconcerting to our clients, but our engineers know to handle this as well. It could be a simple reboot or a complete restore from a backup.

No, the most terrifying thing to in IT is often talked about but never seen. It is a destructive force that will bring a small or midsize business to its knees in a single stroke. It can and will strike without warning to the heart of your organization.

It is…The Killer IT Bus.

Yes, every business owner must come to grips with the question: What would happen to my company if my IT guy got hit by a bus?

While no one has ever seen this terrifying transport tram, it haunts the nightmares of executives who lie awake at night worried about this single, violent incident. What would happen if your IT guy got hit by a bus?

Too many small businesses fall in the trap of putting their IT knowledge, infrastructure and documentation into one, small basket. A basket that would be completely crushed beneath the wheels of this oversized passenger vehicle.

How can you protect yourself from this blight? Is there any hope for you as a small business owner or executive tasked with keeping the organization safe and running smoothly?

The answer is simple. Rather than hiring a single IT person, hire a team of professionals like the ones we have at Optimum Networking.

The Killer IT Bus is scary, but it is not all powerful. It cannot transcend time and space, and it would need to if it wanted to take out our entire team of dedicated engineers who work diligently from 6AM to 6PM on our Support desk. It could not reach them at our NOC (Network Operations Center) or their home offices. The Killer bus would be harmless against our detailed documentation and our complete offsite backups that reside on both coasts simultaneously. It cannot touch our 25 years of experience and knowledge sharing that exists between our professional engineers and our dedicated Account Managers.

The clear remedy to this multi-wheeled menace is putting your trust and your IT in the safe hands of Optimum Networking.