Denver Managed IT Services You Can Trust

When it comes to technology in the business world, you need a reliable partner who can capitalize on opportunities and address problems, making your IT experience pain-free. This is why Optimum Networking is the leading provider in Denver for managed IT services. Our experts work tirelessly to ensure that our clients have the technical support they need to run their businesses at peak performance.

Denver managed IT services provider working on computer

When you are considering a support team for your Denver managed IT services, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

Connecting Your Network

Whether you are responsible for printing checks, meeting materials, or contracts, the ability to access and use a printing service that does what you need it to when you need it, is vital to keep all the trains running on time. The thing about printers is that they usually work until they don’t. Diagnosing the problem is often time-consuming and mentally taxing, holding up the progress of anyone who needs a tangible document.

In order to keep all of our Denver managed IT services, including printing, running smoothly, the Optimum Networking Remote Operations Center, affectionately referred to as the ROC, handles client calls and IT support twelve hours a day, five days a week. This local, in-house team of engineers can help you diagnose and resolve technical problems in real time. We also keep a team of highly-trained IT experts on-call in case problems arise outside of regular business hours.

Protecting Business Assets

Cyber-security breaches have continued to increase in recent years, however, many individuals and businesses are unsure of what to do if they experience a breach themselves. Regardless of your business or industry, security plays an important role in your customer relationships. The ability to respond to, or even prevent cyber-security threats, can help to increase your bottom-line. With technical innovation booming in the Mile High City, finding a Denver managed IT services provider is not hard. The challenge is presented when providers fail to meet expectations and your security is compromised.

Optimum Networking provides high-quality anti-virus and anti-SPAM protocols that are designed to offer advanced threat protection. Our clients also have access to our cyber-security awareness training program that keeps your employees informed on what not to click. If a threat were to break through the firewalls designed to protect your information, our experts at the ROC will guide you through the process of taking the affected computer off the network and restoring your systems with our secure backups. As a leading Denver managed IT services provider, we are constantly updating the cyber-security protocols to help keep your business information protected.

Streamlining Business Operations

Many companies who have not found the right Denver managed IT services partner rely on key staff members to help them through technical problems. This leads to a continuous cycle of crisis and rebooting without anything truly getting solved. It also takes those key employees away from their own responsibilities. As the Business Development Manager of Optimum Networking, I encounter the type of band-aid quite often when talking to small businesses.

This is why we pride ourselves on the ability to take IT problems off our clients’ plates. Partnering with Optimum Networking for your Denver managed IT services not only gets your employees back to their designated work but also streamlines your technology to make your business operations more efficient.

Outsourcing Your Denver Managed IT Services

Outsourcing can be a scary term for a lot of business owners. Recently we had a client, who had a number of senior staff members, including the IT manager, resign to start a rival firm. With the former IT manager having access to all of the admin log-ins and passwords, network diagrams, vendor contracts, and other pertinent business information, there was a serious security problem and it just so happened to be caused by the exact person who would normally solve it.

Outsourcing wasn’t looking so bad, now. Within 24 hours of working with this client, our engineers were able to change all admin usernames and passwords. We then redesigned the network diagrams with the necessary system documentation, allowing our client to stay on top of their production schedule and avoid a crisis.

While this is certainly a unique scenario that we hope not many business owners have to face, outsourcing your Denver managed IT services keeps your business from having a single point of failure. Partnering with a reliable IT support provider allows your business to capitalize on expert knowledge without any potential sacrifice to your operation.

When Optimum Networking is your Denver managed IT services partner, you get expert IT support that you can trust. Contact us today to learn how Optimum Networking can keep your technology connected, protect your assets, and streamline your business operations.

IT support company

What Exactly Is An IT Support Company?

Two simple letters strung together can send most professionals into a panic: IT. In the rapidly evolving industry of technology, keeping track of what is new, what works, and what the best practices are is easily a full-time job. And as a business owner, you already have a full-time job.

The fact of the matter is, though, updated technology is vital to the success of a business.

Enter IT support companies. The right IT support company, or managed services provider (MSP) makes your technology their full-time focus. They make sure that everything runs smoothly, that you have the best tools to support your business model, and that you have a reliable team to call as soon as you start feeling the IT panic set in.

What Does An IT Support Company Do?

Keeping your company online 24/7 and the software functioning at peak performance is just a small part of what we do as an IT support company. At Optimum Networking, our team acts as a partner to your team from the initial IT analysis to on-going maintenance to crisis management.

Here’s how it works:


Our IT specialists will consult with you to determine the IT needs that will allow your business to function at 100 percent. We work to understand everything from the everyday needs of your staff to your network and server requirements in order to equip your business with the most compatible technology.


Upon building a customized information technology plan for your business, our IT support company will appoint a specialized team that is dedicated to your immediate needs. As you know, technology is not foolproof, so this team is your go-to resource if you encounter a server failure or other network problem. Our team of IT experts will analyze, diagnose, and resolve the problem in as little downtime as possible, so your team can get back to work with minimal interruption.


Our specialists always have a thumb on the ever-pulsing IT industry. This means that your business has access to the newest network security methods and updated technological resources. Our goal is to develop an IT strategy that supports your business initiatives now and in the future.

What Services Can An IT Support Company Offer My Business?

An IT support company lets you outsource all of the technological needs of your business, allowing you, as a business owner, to focus on running your business.

IT Services

From implementation to overall support, an IT support company can provide your business with a flexible and reliable solution that supports your business model online and off.

Network Security

Protecting your information is of the utmost priority as a business owner. An IT support company provides and manages a secure network environment that keeps your business safe.

Specialty Projects

Whether you’re updating your business hardware or training new employees on your current software, implementing and executing major technology projects can be a daunting task. When you partner with an IT support company, we can take this off your plate. Our specialists can ensure that you have the best technology for your business and a team that knows how to use it efficiently, helping you get the most from your IT services.

Cloud Computing

The days of floppy disks and external drives are long behind us. An IT support company can help you determine the most compatible cloud computing option for your business model. The right cloud option allows your business to store files, update software, analyze information, and more through the internet, streamlining all of your computing services.

Communication Services

Technology in a business is not just limited to computers. When you partner with an IT support company like Optimum Networking, we can set your business up with phone services that are expertly compatible with the rest of your technology services.

The right IT support company provides your business with the tools it needs to run at maximum efficiency. Contact Optimum Networking today to find your partner in IT.

Technical Support That Smiles Back

Employee offering technical support. Technical support is at the core of what we do at Optimum Networking. We utilize the latest technologies, the best tools and best of breed hardware and hosted platforms.

When it comes right down to it, however, technical support is not about technology at all. It is about people supporting people. As a business owner, you want to be assured that in your company’s darkest IT hour, your IT support team will not only be competent and efficient, but they will also genuinely care about resolving your problem.

A Team Approach

At Optimum Networking, effective technical support is built around our help desk, which we call THE ROC (Remote Operations Center). The talented engineers on our technical support team are broken into pods. We have Team Charlie, Team Echo, and Team Delta, each of which supports a dedicated client list. We also have ROMEO which is the escalation team that is focused on fixing the most complex IT issues. Our engineers are trained to assess issues quickly and ask their team members for support if they are not able to resolve the problem efficiently.

We never outsource our help desk offshore or to a generic call center. Because we do not outsource, we maintain the highest level of quality and the fastest communication to resolve some of the trickiest technical calls. Our full-time technical support engineers provide high-quality, local support for our valued clients.

Our clients are our top priority when it comes to our technical support services. So, in addition to keeping our team local, our technical support engineers are carefully selected. They are handpicked for both their technical expertise and people skills, and we implement ongoing training in both areas to ensure efficient results for any IT problem.

Technical Support Service With A Smile

To ensure that our team is meeting and exceeding our goal of service excellence, we use the Smile Back program. Smile Back is a tool we implemented in March of 2016 for our clients to provide honest feedback regarding their service experience. The results have demonstrated our commitment to excellence through our clients’ eyes.

A recent report showed that our response rate for this program is at 65.5%. As busy as our clients are on a day-to-day basis, they still take the time to give our technical support team the feedback they need to continually improve.

The same report revealed that our positive responses are at 97.7 percent and included a number of favorable comments about our technical support engineers and the services they provided.

Here are just a few:

  • “Nate was prompt and provided exactly what I needed.”
  • “Kevin was terrific! Thank you!”
  • “Chad is really great to work with” and “Chad is a ROC star!”

The men and women on the ROC work hard to resolve our client’s IT issues, so this type of praise from clients is encouraging, to say the least.

Continuous Improvement

The Smile Back program is also the go-to resource for our clients to let us know if things are not going well. In each of our technical support teams, we have an account manager who is responsible for client relations. They frequently check in with Smile Back to follow-up with and resolve any outstanding issues. This open method of communication helps us ensure the best experience with our technical support teams.

With our dedicated approach, best of breed technologies, and our Smile Back program, Optimum Networking stays focused on what is most important—people supporting people.

For all technical support needs, the ROC is open Monday-Friday 6AM-6PM with the on-call engineers filling in evenings, weekends and holidays. If you’re not smiling with your current IT service provider, contact Optimum Networking today.

Optimum Networking is Going to the Dogs!

Here is something you don’t see every day.  Our lead Network Engineer was in the server closet of one of our newest clients, and he was approached by a staff member who commented that he was working so hard, that maybe he would appreciate if a dog came and sat with him.  He gladly accepted the offer and hung with his newest friend for the rest of the project.

This may not be typical at most clients, but Optimum Networking is honored to welcome Freedom Service Dogs as one of our newest NPO (Not for Profit) customers.  Freedom Service Dogs is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by rescuing dogs and custom training them for individual client needs. While Freedom Service Dog’s hard working staff work with animals and their partners, Optimum Networking monitors all their computers, servers and network equipment, and our Help Desk Staff help their users with any computer issues that come up.

In addition to Freedom Service Dogs, a longstanding client of Optimum Networking has been the Denver Dumb Friends League  Denver Dumb Friends League is the central, local Humane Society for Colorado, and provides the following services for the community:

  • Rescue sick, injured and neglected animals
  • Investigate cases of cruelty and abuse
  • Provide shelter, veterinary care, and behavior and training programs to homeless companion animals and horses
  • Adopt homeless pets and horses to new homes
  • Reduce pet overpopulation through mobile spay and neuter projects in underserved areas
  • Offer learning opportunities for the public to keep more pets in homes
  • Educate children and adults about animals and their needs

Optimum Networking has been a key partner with DDFL for nearly two years, providing remote support for staff and onsite computer engineering support for their server and network infrastructure. We work with all three locations, including the Buddy Center in Castle Rock and their new Equine facility in Franktown.

We are not just about the dogs, however. We serve other not for profit organizations like The Carson J. Spencer foundation, whose mission is to sustain passion for life through delivering effective sucide prevention programs and helping people bereaved by suicide. We also work with Temple Emanuel and Senior Housing Options both great community resources..

To donate to any of these worthy organizations, please follow the following links:

Freedom Service Dogs

Windows Search and searching within PDF Files with ifilter

Windows Search with Adobe ifilter on 64-bit Windows Systems

Find what you’re looking for?  Despite powerful search tools, this can be harder than it seems!

Many of you have begun using the advanced search features in Windows 7 and 8 to quickly find files, emails, music, people, or other content.  Here’s a quick introduction to the more powerful Windows search features, and an important configuration option that enables searching within PDF files on 64-bit versions of Windows.

Windows search by default searches within files for the keywords and phrases you are looking for.  It looks at tags, dates, authors, file paths, and other meta-data to find results.  Many times this returns more information than you are looking for.You can limit Windows search results by using qualifiers.  For instance, if you are looking for a file named “accounting” you don’t want the search results to return every document or item with the word accounting in it.  You only want files named accounting.  To achieve this, limit the results by searching for “name:accounting” (without the quotes.)  Now you will just get files with the word accounting in the filename!

Other great modifiers are:
Ext:mp3 or ext:xlsx  (extension… only mp3 files, or only Excel files)
Size:>1MB or size:huge
Date:last week or date:2010

For a good list of qualifiers see here: Tips for Finding Files

As mentioned above, Windows Search searches within files too.  This is great if you know what the file was about but don’t know where it is or its filename.  If you use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and work with PDF files, Windows search will search within PDF files too!  However, by default Adobe only installs the search filter (PDF iFilter) required to do this on 32-bit versions of Windows.  Many if not most of Optimum Networking’s clients today use 64-bit versions of Windows, and there is an extra installation step required to get the Adobe PDF filter for 64-bit Windows.

To install the Adobe PDF filter required for Windows Search to search within pdf files on 64-bit systems, download and install the Adobe Acrobat PDF iFilter 64.

Happy searching!

IT Security Services

Hacking is on the rise, especially among smaller business who don’t think they are a target. As IT has progressed, so has the sophistication of the hacking community. As a default, there is only so much security an IT infrastructure can provide, like having locks on your house. The sad truth is that if someone wants to get into your house, locks aren’t going to be a deterrent. You probably need a security system. The same goes for hacking, firewalls and account management which are only a single layer of security. To adequately protect your IP, you need armed guards on the ready.

False Sense of Security

IT companies may play a part in perpetuating the myth that their systems are secure. The truth is that whenever an internal network is connected to the internet, there is the potential for an outside attack. The security built-in to an infrastructure will certainly make it harder for hackers, but it only takes one weak link to open up a whole system.

There are high profile companies that are being attacked by other nations to steal their IP, but don’t count yourself out. The most common hacking scenario is someone looking for personal and private information, like credit cards and social security numbers. The more they can get in one attack, the more money they will make on the black market.

Security Systems for Your IT

IT security services go beyond virus scanning, firewalls and good passwords. Proper employee training, around the clock monitoring and security audits are the next step in locking down your information so that it remains secure.

Hackers pride themselves on getting in and out without a trace. So if you are unaware of a breach, it doesn’t mean that one isn’t already happening. That’s where companies like RedTeam Security Consulting can help. They hire hackers to try to breach your network, detect current possible intrusions and train employees on how to maintain security.

We highly recommend stress testing your current IT infrastructure, especially if you are responsible for private data and valuable IP. We can help you get your infrastructure in place, but you might want an armed guard at your door just in case.

What Should You Do With Your Old Hardware?

Despite the high cost, IT hardware doesn’t last forever. Most businesses regularly update their machines every three to five years which is great in terms of advancement, but there’s the whole issue of what to do with the old stuff.

To Donate or Not to Donate?

A very common solution is donating the hardware to school systems and not for profits, but inheriting these machines isn’t always a blessing. Due to the amount of businesses looking to donate hardware, finding someone who is willing to accept it can be harder than you think. Even when someone does accept your old hardware, if your hardware doesn’t match up with their configuration, they pass it along or throw it out.

An Old Hardware Solution in Denver

The IT Liquidators is a local business that will buy your old hardware and find the appropriate market for your used equipment. Instead of donating your hardware and using it as a write-off, you can sell the hardware to help fund your upgrades. They buy nearly anything from this long list of manufacturers:

IT Liquidators provides a set of services that can benefit every medium to large size corporation, by purchasing their excess technology, including Information Technology, Data Center and Telecommunications equipment. This is typically equipment that has become excess to their requirements as a result of technology refresh programs, business downsizing, merger & acquisition (M&A), or upgrading of older equipment.

If you want to find out what your hardware is worth, The IT Liquidators provide free asset evaluations so that you can make an educated decision about selling or donating.

If you are considering updating your IT infrastructure, its like building a house, there is an abundance of options to consider. We can help you navigate the IT landscape and provide suggestions for other services that can benefit your bottom line. Give us a call today if you’d like us to help you with your Denver IT business needs.

Standing in Your Office

Denver is one of the healthiest cities in the United States. Whether you like to hike, ski, climb or ride, there are plenty of activites to do. That is, until we get back into our offices. Offices aren’t always the most dynamic places. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator or park further away, but once we are in an office, there isn’t much physical activity left to do.

Not Too Preachy

At this point, you’ve probably heard that sitting is bad for our health. But, when you are supposed to be on a computer most of your day, what else is there to do? Start simply. Local companies like Stand In Good Health, are trying to provide affordable, reasonable solutions for business owners so that sitting in the office can be an option, not mandatory.

You can test it out for yourself with some cinder blocks and plywood. Whatever it is that will get you standing more and sitting less, give it a try.

Lunch Walks

Standing all day, stationary isn’t easy. Every fiber in your body will want to sit and that’s okay. Try switching out your chair with something less comfortable or even try one of those big rubber bosu balls. If you draw more attention to your sitting, through discomfort or instability, you will be more likely to transition between sitting and standing.

Besides comfy chairs, we also get into routines and many of these routines aren’t very active. Taking a 20 minute walk during lunch or before work will elevate your heart rate and help get rid of that sluggish feeling.

There are hundreds of things they can do to be healthier, like not eating so many sweets or going on a run, but the truth is that small things throughout the day can lead to big changes in attitude and health. The hardest part is starting something new. Once we are in the groove, those new things turn into daily habits. So start small, take walks when you are feeling lethargic and stand up when you are at your desk. The investment is minimal and you have everything to gain.

Beyond IT

When people think of IT, things like remote working, workstations and servers might come to mind, but that wouldn’t be the full picture. Information technology, at its core, is about solving business problems. We help our clients operate more efficiently, with more capabilities, but computers are only part of the equation. Security systems, phone systems and even desk systems all play together to create a better workplace.

Our New Series: Beyond IT

So yes, we still love cloud services, data centers and IBM, but we also love other products and services that will help your bottom line. Products like ergonomic workstations and services that will buy your old hardware will all contribute to the same goals.

Outside of our sphere of expertise, there is a whole world of office products and services that you might not be aware of.

Saving Time, Saving Money

Efficiency for businesses means two things: generating more profits and saving more of those profits. All of our recommendations will contribute to at least one, but sometimes these two goals are divergent. In those cases, we have an investment – putting money into something with the expectation of gain, usually over a longer term.

Investing Outside of IT

As IT providers, we know that an investment in IT is only one among the many possible investments a business can make. The last two decades of technology advancement clearly shows the payoff IT investments can make, so why stop there? Investing in your employees’ health can also provide benefits. Recycling office hardware with professional vendors can help take a percentage off of your IT upgrades. There are hundreds of opportunities out there that can improve your business in the long term and we’d like to help you navigate them.

IT is a part of your business, but its not the only part. At Optimum Networking, we know the opportunities and pressures that businesses like yours face everyday. We know other solutions that can help your business thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape, both online and off.