20th Anniversary Celebration a HUGE Success!

20 Years IT Support

20th Anniversary Celebration a HUGE Success!

In 1995, two men started out with a PLAN and a VAN.  20 years later, on June 6th 2015, Optimum Networking celebrated its 20th Anniversary.  A lot of hard work, sacrifice, and commitment went into the past two decades to get us to where we are today.  In the end, Optimum Networking remains dedicated to providing solid, proven and efficient computer system support to the small businesses of our community.


The day started off with the two founding owners “walking down memory lane” with the staff.  Joe Turnbough–CEO, shared stories and pictures of the first “office space” (his living room), first fax machine, first receipts and more.  Tracy Huntzinger–President and COO, shared the story of taking a leap of faith on a “handshake deal” with Joe, leaving his stable job at CH2MHill and staking his claim as an entrepreneur. Brett Ammerman, our most recent owner and CTO, also spoke about his long relationship with Joe and Tracy and why he decided to join Optimum.

The open house was a hit with great BBQ from Bennett’s, cake and snacks. Customers, business partners, venders and Optimum staff all enjoyed the afternoon.  We cut the cake, gave away lots of cool prizes and had a ton of fun.  A special thank you again to our venders and sponsors of the event:

www.Microsoft.com  www.lenovo.com  www.shoretell.com www.leafnow.com www.Fortinet.com www.eaton.com

Optimum Networking is excited about maintaining and building our relationships for the next 20 years!

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Phone Outage to Happen on 2.12.15


To accommodate equipment testing needs, the phone outage at Optimum has been moved to this Thursday February 12, at 2:30pm.

This will affect our telephones and possibly our data traffic as we switch over to the new circuit. However, this will not affect any of our hosted clients as they are using different circuits. During this short interruption in our telecomm service, we invite you to email or use your portal (atlas icon) to reach us.

In the event of an emergency during this time please call our ROC staff at:


Thank you for your understanding!

Joe Turnbough

2015 Colorado Companies to Watch Award

Optimum Networking has been nominated for the 2015 Colorado Companies to Watch Award! We are humbled and honored by this nomination as it validates our positive contribution to the economy of this great state.

This also serves as a reminder that the technology we provide is not just a mere tool, it is a powerful instrument that helps hundreds of small and mid-size businesses achieve their goals.

In all occasions we want to recognize and thank: our families, our friends and clients, our community, and our employees for fueling our success day after day.

ballons “Every year, Colorado Companies Tour Watch recognizes 50 of the state’s high-growth, 2nd stage companies. These companies are privately-held, have between 6-99 full time equivalents, boast $750,000 to $50 million in revenue, and are growth oriented. Fifty companies are recognized each year and are celebrated at an annual Gala (Colorado Companies to Watch).”

Wish us good luck!

Thank you for your support!

Optimum Networking

Optimum Networking welcomes the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce to the family!

For more than a century and a half, the institution has established itself as a pivotal point in the Denver business community. Year after year, the Chamber has contributed to the growth and the strengthening of businesses, professionals and communities around in Denver Area.

The Chamber‘s mission statement calls for “the enhancement of the global competitiveness and collaboration with other organizations.” It is a leader and a guide because:

  • It searches for insights and shares them with the community
  • It continuously monitors business activity and new developments in the Denver business community
  • More importantly, it engages in parley when truce or negotiations need to take place between its members and government and legislative entities


It is all about the community!

The Denver Chamber of Commerce reports having “a membership that spans the seven-county metro region and includes 3,000 businesses and their 300,000 employees.” As that number grows, the Chamber’s commitment towards the community remains the same. The goal is to enhance the states’ global competitiveness, and help members of the community achieve mutual goals without compromising their quality of life. At Optimum Networking we admire that goal, and our ambition is to attain it with our set of competencies.

Helping small and larger businesses achieve competitiveness with the use of IT is what we do and we do it well! Furthermore, we are grateful and proud to welcome the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and other impactful non-profit organizations amongst our clients and friends!

Help us help you make a difference in our community!  For more information about the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, click here.


2/9/15 Temporary Phone outage at Optimum Networking

Optimum Networking is in the process of upgrading our main telecomm circuit. On Monday February 9th, starting at 1 PM we expect a short outage for approximately one hour. This will affect our telephones and possibly our data traffic as we switch over to the new circuit.  However, this will not affect any of our hosted clients as they are using different circuits.

During this short interruption in our telecomm service, we invite you to email or use your portal (atlas icon) to reach us.

In the event of an emergency during this time please call our ROC staff at:


Thank you for your understanding!

Joe Turnbough

Happy Veterans Day to Optimum’s Veterans!

Years after the end of their enlistment, they remain men of honor who display  great work ethic and great respect for their peers.

We are very proud to count outstanding men of the US Armed Forces amongst Optimum’s formation. We are thankful for Shawn Burch’s service in the US Army, for Tracy Huntzinger service in the US Air Force, for Larry Spencer’s service in the  US Army Reserve and for Joe Turnbough service in the  Marine Corps.


Share a meal and discuss three essential Bs of Security with Optimum!

There is only about two weeks left before Optimum Networking hosts its Lunch and Learn on the 3 Bs of content filtering!

BBBBForget about hackers crunching code to infiltrate your systems, time and time again it is human mistakes and our behavior that expose our businesses to unwanted threats! This Lunch and Learn is customized for business owners, IT professionals, and managers who want to share their experience and learn techniques to minimize the risk of unfiltered content.

Our lunch will be centered on Blocking, Bandwidth, and Backups which are three central pillars of IT Security. Enjoy a delectable meal on us as you learn about the impact the Killer Bs:  Blocking, Backups and Bandwidth can have on your business!

Start making impactful changes for the security of your computer networks!

REGISTER on the event’s page and join us on November 18th, 2014!

New! Computer Disposal/Recycling Services!

Optimum Networking is pleased to announce that we now offer Computer Disposal and Recycling Services to compliment our Information Technology services.  Responsible disposal of electronic equipment has become more and more important to protect our environment, and also to assure that your critical data is not leaked into the wrong hands.

 Our recycling partners have been carefully selected to assure that your equipment is disposed of in an environmentally safe manner, and your data is destroyed by either completely destroying the hard drives (physically shredded) or electronically wiped clean using Department of Defense standards!


 Click here to learn more about this service!

The Biggest Loser Challenge: Optimum Style!

Optimum Networking recently wrapped up its first Biggest Loser challenge! This initiative by ROC manager Art Gamino resulted in a three months long weight lost contest, pushing participants to make positive changes to their lives. Success in this challenge was contingent on three elements: changes in eating habits, recurrent physical activity and more importantly a rock solid mind! With bragging rights and a cash prize at stake, each contestant implemented strict strategies to lead the race.

Rocking at the ROC!
The challenge started on June 27th and three months later the highly anticipated results were revealed. Two ROC engineers Ryan and Guy respectively secured the 3rd and 2nd place. Ryan stated that he had already begun a weight loss journey and was plateauing until the competition rekindle his fire. Ryan lost 11% of his weight and is still going strong! This “got me back to the gym” he explained. Overall the weight loss challenge was enriching for him as it allowed for self-exploration and limits’ testing.

Similarly, Guy lost 13% of his weight and reached his goal following a top-secret diet that he and Ryan yet have to patent. All they are willing to confess is that watching your calorie intake is essential to weight loss. His journey has only started and we are confident he will reach new heights!

And the winner is…
External sales specialist Jonathan Defez won the challenge with 14% weight loss and assures us he is now a new man. “I never felt better and never had this much energy” he stated when asked about his mental and physical state.  We all love good food. But through this challenge Jonathan realized that watching his food intake and choosing healthier options are really key.

The tight race was not only about losing pant sizes.  This challenge was a modest reminder of the opportunities we can all seize to make impactful changes in our lives. These strong and determined gentlemen are an inspiration for Optimum and its friends. They proved that with purpose we can change and commit to better ourselves and positively impact the world surrounding us.

Congratulations to Guy, Jonathan and Ryan  for their resilience!