PCs for People Partnership

You’ve heard about a “win-win” right?

Well, how about a win-win-win-win-win?

Optimum Networking’s partnership with PCs for People is just that.  Let me explain…

Win #1: Optimum’s Service

As a Managed Service Provider for over 160 clients, our customers have IT equipment they no longer need or can use.  This includes old desktops, monitors, laptops–even servers, switches and battery backups. As we do with all areas of IT, we solve these problems by providing our clients with a safe and efficient method of disposing of this “e-waste”. For Optimum clients, their IT problem is our opportunity for a solution.

Win #2: PCs for People

PCs for People is an e-waste recycler Optimum partners with.  They provide safe, responsible disposal of e-waste:

PCs for People provides free pick up and recycling* of electronic waste from businesses, educational and governmental organizations. PCs for People has both NAID AAA and R2 certifications, meaning your data is protected through strict adherence to the highest standards of information destruction, hard drive sanitization, and all recycling is environmentally responsible. Since PCs for People accepts nearly all electronic waste – including computers, peripherals, monitors, cables, drives, and more – you need just one company.  Read more about their awesome program at: https://www.pcsforpeople.org/recycling/.

Our primary concern at Optimum Networking is the safe, secure management of all our clients’ equipment–including equipment they no longer need.  But PCs for People goes far above and beyond just recycling e-waste, which leads to…

Win#3: Giving Back

PCs for People gives back to the community. Once the critical data is disposed of, PCs for People repurposes the equipment they harvest when possible, and they become a critical resource to nonprofit businesses and deserving individuals who need technology to help themselves and others.  They also provide low-cost internet for adults and children in need.

In addition, PCs for People has been recognized by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce (also an Optimum Client) for their Impact Denver Program.  This program recognizes leading nonprofit organizations that impact our communities and assists them with leadership development and exposure. Read more at: https://denverleadership.org/impactdenver/ .



Win #4: The Current Demand

We are in the middle of a crisis that most of us have never experienced in our lifetimes.  For many of us, we have access to technology so we can quickly pivot and work from home.  While this is not ideal, our children can school from home on their parent’s equipment or learn on their own computers.

But we are not all so fortunate.  Think about men and women who have lost their jobs, and do not have computers and laptops they can use to work (or look for work) from home.  In the future economy, working from home on computers will be critical if not required. Due to our current crises, this has quickly become the new reality.

Children are also in desperate need. School districts are doing all they can, but the demand for computers so students can safely school from home is out of control. This may not change either once the pandemic is under control.  Now that the districts know they can do more remote learning, they may require more home engagement on snow days and other days kids would otherwise be in the classroom.

Joe Turnbough—founder, co-owner and CEO of Optimum Networking—is proud our partnership with PCs for People. Joe believes in giving back whenever possible, and relationship offers a natural way to accomplish this.

Win #5 Give Back to build a better world…

It is currently winter, and it is cold outside.  Most of us have a jacket, hat, gloves to keep us warm.  If we had an old coat or other warm clothing we no longer use, we would gladly share it with the less fortunate.

Computers are no different.  Look in your homes, offices and other places you use technology.  There is undoubtedly old equipment including desktops, laptops, tablets or cell phones that is doing you no good, is taking up space, and if there is data on them, may be a liability for you personally and professionally. According to John Sharer—Regional Account Executive for PCs for People–Over 60% of PC for People clients have never owned a computer in their lifetime.  Think of what a difference you could make in someone’s life.

Contact Optimum Networking or PCs for People today by clicking the link below or giving us a call.  We will help you donate your equipment in a safe environmentally friendly way.  A burden for you could prove to be a lifeline for a child or adult in need at this critical time in their lives.

Thank you.