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What is the scariest thing companies face when it comes to Information Technology?

You may think it is cyber criminals. They are scary, with their dark web tools and platforms, constantly trying to break through our firewalls, antivirus, and malware protections. But we are not scared of these bad guys, as we know who they are, and how we can fight them. (More on this in our Cybersecurity Workshop and future blogs).

You may think it is the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death”. This can be disconcerting to our clients, but our engineers know to handle this as well. It could be a simple reboot or a complete restore from a backup.

No, the most terrifying thing to in IT is often talked about but never seen. It is a destructive force that will bring a small or midsize business to its knees in a single stroke. It can and will strike without warning to the heart of your organization.

It is…The Killer IT Bus.

Yes, every business owner must come to grips with the question: What would happen to my company if my IT guy got hit by a bus?

While no one has ever seen this terrifying transport tram, it haunts the nightmares of executives who lie awake at night worried about this single, violent incident. What would happen if your IT guy got hit by a bus?

Too many small businesses fall in the trap of putting their IT knowledge, infrastructure and documentation into one, small basket. A basket that would be completely crushed beneath the wheels of this oversized passenger vehicle.

How can you protect yourself from this blight? Is there any hope for you as a small business owner or executive tasked with keeping the organization safe and running smoothly?

The answer is simple. Rather than hiring a single IT person, hire a team of professionals like the ones we have at Optimum Networking.

The Killer IT Bus is scary, but it is not all powerful. It cannot transcend time and space, and it would need to if it wanted to take out our entire team of dedicated engineers who work diligently from 6AM to 6PM on our Support desk. It could not reach them at our NOC (Network Operations Center) or their home offices. The Killer bus would be harmless against our detailed documentation and our complete offsite backups that reside on both coasts simultaneously. It cannot touch our 25 years of experience and knowledge sharing that exists between our professional engineers and our dedicated Account Managers.

The clear remedy to this multi-wheeled menace is putting your trust and your IT in the safe hands of Optimum Networking.