Tech Tip – Use Taskbar Settings to Configure the Taskbar to Show all Icons in the Notification Area

Here’s a good tip for the savvy computer user.  Use Taskbar Settings to configure the Taskbar to Show all Icons in the Notification Area.

The Icons displayed on the Taskbar are not static, they change over time to reflect the current status of the associated applications.  So if you let Windows Hide some of these Icons, which is the default setting, then you will potentially miss when an application tries to alert you to an issue via the taskbar icon.

Here’s how my taskbar looks with the default settings…

If I click on the ^(caret symbol) above I will see that Windows has hidden a lot of information from me.

All of those icons are associated with programs currently running on my computer, and do you see how some have green dots by them?  Well those green dots can become red dots, indicating there is a problem, or some other status.  If the icons are hidden, we will completely miss that there is an issue that should likely be addressed.

So I think it is important to have full visibility into these icons.  To do this, right click on the taskbar and go to Taskbar Settings.

Scroll down to the Notification area, and click on “Select which icons appear on the taskbar.”

Turn on “Always show all icons in the notification area”

Voila!  Now all of the notification icons will be at a glance away in your taskbar and you will be the better informed computer user that has taken proactive steps to improving their computing experience!