Technical Support That Smiles Back

Employee offering technical support. Technical support is at the core of what we do at Optimum Networking. We utilize the latest technologies, the best tools and best of breed hardware and hosted platforms.

When it comes right down to it, however, technical support is not about technology at all. It is about people supporting people. As a business owner, you want to be assured that in your company’s darkest IT hour, your IT support team will not only be competent and efficient, but they will also genuinely care about resolving your problem.

A Team Approach

At Optimum Networking, effective technical support is built around our help desk, which we call THE ROC (Remote Operations Center). The talented engineers on our technical support team are broken into pods. We have Team Charlie, Team Echo, and Team Delta, each of which supports a dedicated client list. We also have ROMEO which is the escalation team that is focused on fixing the most complex IT issues. Our engineers are trained to assess issues quickly and ask their team members for support if they are not able to resolve the problem efficiently.

We never outsource our help desk offshore or to a generic call center. Because we do not outsource, we maintain the highest level of quality and the fastest communication to resolve some of the trickiest technical calls. Our full-time technical support engineers provide high-quality, local support for our valued clients.

Our clients are our top priority when it comes to our technical support services. So, in addition to keeping our team local, our technical support engineers are carefully selected. They are handpicked for both their technical expertise and people skills, and we implement ongoing training in both areas to ensure efficient results for any IT problem.

Technical Support Service With A Smile

To ensure that our team is meeting and exceeding our goal of service excellence, we use the Smile Back program. Smile Back is a tool we implemented in March of 2016 for our clients to provide honest feedback regarding their service experience. The results have demonstrated our commitment to excellence through our clients’ eyes.

A recent report showed that our response rate for this program is at 65.5%. As busy as our clients are on a day-to-day basis, they still take the time to give our technical support team the feedback they need to continually improve.

The same report revealed that our positive responses are at 97.7 percent and included a number of favorable comments about our technical support engineers and the services they provided.

Here are just a few:

  • “Nate was prompt and provided exactly what I needed.”
  • “Kevin was terrific! Thank you!”
  • “Chad is really great to work with” and “Chad is a ROC star!”

The men and women on the ROC work hard to resolve our client’s IT issues, so this type of praise from clients is encouraging, to say the least.

Continuous Improvement

The Smile Back program is also the go-to resource for our clients to let us know if things are not going well. In each of our technical support teams, we have an account manager who is responsible for client relations. They frequently check in with Smile Back to follow-up with and resolve any outstanding issues. This open method of communication helps us ensure the best experience with our technical support teams.

With our dedicated approach, best of breed technologies, and our Smile Back program, Optimum Networking stays focused on what is most important—people supporting people.

For all technical support needs, the ROC is open Monday-Friday 6AM-6PM with the on-call engineers filling in evenings, weekends and holidays. If you’re not smiling with your current IT service provider, contact Optimum Networking today.

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