Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Business Phone Systems

There are three types of VoIP business phone systems available to you today. They are premises-based, hosted, and hybrid VoIP systems. Here are brief descriptions of each and their respective advantages.

Premises-Based VoIP Systems

With a premises-based VoIP system, your company must procure, install, and maintain the hardware and software required to run the phone system. The advantage in this is that you maintain complete control over the phone system and when you want to make changes, you can do them yourself.

Hosted VoIP Business Phone System

With a hosted system, the installation and all the ongoing maintenance is handled by the provider. You tell them how you want your business phones configured and which features you want enabled, and they handle it. The advantage is you don’t have to buy the hardware and software required, nor do you have to have someone on staff who is dedicated to maintaining your system.

Hybrid VoIP Business Phone Systems

A hybrid VoIP system allows you to leverage the convenience of hosted VoIP while still using your TDM PBX and existing wiring. Blending architecture in this way allows you to use both on-premise and hosted VoIP solutions, so that save money and gain more functionality.

Which VoIP System is Right For My Business?

As with any integrated technology, we start with a business-needs analysis to determine which platform will best meet your needs. We look at financial, technological, support and cultural factors to determine which solution is the best fit for your company. In many cases, a hybrid environment works best.
Once we have analyzed your needs, we will recommend the ideal ShoreTel platform: premise, Cloud Connect or a hybrid system.

We Use ShoreTel Phone Systems

ShoreTel is a leading provider of VoIP phone systems and unified communications solutions. We analyzed all the different systems, interviewed all the major partners, and determined that ShoreTel was the best fit for our clients and us.

ShoreTel Connect is a flexible, reliable, and intuitive business communications solution. It seamlessly delivers services and applications that enhance productivity. You will love ShoreTel’s solutions as they reduce costs, eliminate complexity and provide amazing customer experiences.

We partner with ShoreTel to provide leading technology phones, collaboration tools, mobility, and contact center applications. With Optimum Networking integrating a ShoreTel solution into your business, your team will be enabled to communicate and collaborate seamlessly with minimal demand on your IT resources.

Contact us to discuss your business phone system needs.