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What Exactly Is An IT Support Company?

Two simple letters strung together can send most professionals into a panic: IT. In the rapidly evolving industry of technology, keeping track of what is new, what works, and what the best practices are is easily a full-time job. And as a business owner, you already have a full-time job.

The fact of the matter is, though, updated technology is vital to the success of a business.

Enter IT support companies. The right IT support company, or managed services provider (MSP) makes your technology their full-time focus. They make sure that everything runs smoothly, that you have the best tools to support your business model, and that you have a reliable team to call as soon as you start feeling the IT panic set in.

What Does An IT Support Company Do?

Keeping your company online 24/7 and the software functioning at peak performance is just a small part of what we do as an IT support company. At Optimum Networking, our team acts as a partner to your team from the initial IT analysis to on-going maintenance to crisis management.

Here’s how it works:


Our IT specialists will consult with you to determine the IT needs that will allow your business to function at 100 percent. We work to understand everything from the everyday needs of your staff to your network and server requirements in order to equip your business with the most compatible technology.


Upon building a customized information technology plan for your business, our IT support company will appoint a specialized team that is dedicated to your immediate needs. As you know, technology is not foolproof, so this team is your go-to resource if you encounter a server failure or other network problem. Our team of IT experts will analyze, diagnose, and resolve the problem in as little downtime as possible, so your team can get back to work with minimal interruption.


Our specialists always have a thumb on the ever-pulsing IT industry. This means that your business has access to the newest network security methods and updated technological resources. Our goal is to develop an IT strategy that supports your business initiatives now and in the future.

What Services Can An IT Support Company Offer My Business?

An IT support company lets you outsource all of the technological needs of your business, allowing you, as a business owner, to focus on running your business.

IT Services

From implementation to overall support, an IT support company can provide your business with a flexible and reliable solution that supports your business model online and off.

Network Security

Protecting your information is of the utmost priority as a business owner. An IT support company provides and manages a secure network environment that keeps your business safe.

Specialty Projects

Whether you’re updating your business hardware or training new employees on your current software, implementing and executing major technology projects can be a daunting task. When you partner with an IT support company, we can take this off your plate. Our specialists can ensure that you have the best technology for your business and a team that knows how to use it efficiently, helping you get the most from your IT services.

Cloud Computing

The days of floppy disks and external drives are long behind us. An IT support company can help you determine the most compatible cloud computing option for your business model. The right cloud option allows your business to store files, update software, analyze information, and more through the internet, streamlining all of your computing services.

Communication Services

Technology in a business is not just limited to computers. When you partner with an IT support company like Optimum Networking, we can set your business up with phone services that are expertly compatible with the rest of your technology services.

The right IT support company provides your business with the tools it needs to run at maximum efficiency. Contact Optimum Networking today to find your partner in IT.

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